Acid dyes
Wide range of metal complex acid dyes with excellent combinability and builp-up property, high light fastness level and superior wet fastness for reliable and level dyeing of medium and heavy shades on polyamide and polyamide/polyurethane blends. Combination with Bricid M will get brilliant shades.

       Brill Yellow 5GL

 C.I.Acid Yellow 158:1

       Yellow 2GL

 C.I.Acid Yellow 59

       Yellow S-2G

 C.I.Acid Yellow 220

       Golden Yellow S-R

 C.I.Acid Yellow 151

       Yellow GRL

 C.I.Acid Yellow 116

       Yellow 3R

 C.I.Acid Yellow 137

       Orange S-2R

 C.I.Acid Orange 154

       Orange MRL

 C.I.Acid Orange 142

       Red S-BR

 C.I.Acid Red 362

       Red S-3G

 C.I.Acid Red 407

       Red S-G

 C.I.Acid Red 315

       Red S-GN

 C.I.Acid Red 359

       Red S-RL

 C.I.Acid Red 414

       Bordeaux B

 C.I.Acid Red 405

       Bordeaux R

 C.I.Acid Red 182

       Bordeaux GRL

 C.I.Acid Red 213

       Bordeaux MB

 C.I.Acid Violet 90

       Olive S-G

 C.I.Acid Green 73

       Dark Brown S-GL

 C.I.Acid Brown 298

       Red Brown S-R

 C.I.Acid Brown 283

       Brown S-BRL

 C.I.Acid Brown 289

       Brown S-BL

 C.I.Acid Brown 355

       Dark Brown S-GR

 C.I.Acid Brown 282

       Navy S-RL

 C.I.Acid Blue 335

       Navy S-B

 C.I.Acid Blue 284

       Dark Blue MTR

 C.I.Acid Blue 193

       Navy S-G

 C.I.Acid Blue 317

       Blue 3GL

 C.I.Acid Blue 171

       Grey BRL

 C.I.Acid Black 60

       Grey S-B

 C.I.Acid Black 207

       Grey S-GL

 C.I.Acid Black 220

       Black TN


       Black MD

 C.I.Acid Black 172

       Black MR

 C.I.Acid Black 194

       Black WA

 C.I.Acid Black 52

       Black BGL

 C.I.Acid Black 107


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